Technical Documentation

Bahrain Pharma offers Technical Documentation services to get appropriate steps to register an organization structure, services and products to Regulatory authorities.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

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Regulatory Services

Along with our own regulatory requirement for registration of products, our regulatory department also offer services for Product Registration and Dossiers in CTD format.

Tech Transfer

We bridges the gap to provide the customers with a targeted and cost-effective methods sterile filling and Packaging to the new or existing.    


At Gulf Biotech, our experienced staff in engineering, quality control and research & development work on tech transfer project on Sterile Liquid Injectable products development and manufacturing.


Our experts will take the responsibility for entire transfer process from early stage development to process optimization to late stage validation and commercial execution. 


Gulf Biotech can meet all necessary process needs in order to achieve the most efficient and highest quality manufacturing, as well as ensure its Commercialization.